Best Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

The descriptive essay, unlike the narrative essay, uses the power of language and every intellect seen in human faculty to bring to life an event. For this type of essay to be effective; writers should be able to make the following impressions on their readers:

  • An impression that they have met someone
  • A feeling of visiting a particular place
  • Holding an object
  • Emotional connection
  • A deep appreciation for a subject’s significance

If the readers can be impacted in any of the ways mentioned above; then the writer from is considered to have done a great job.

We shall be taking a look at five steps that leads to creating an effective descriptive essay. Enjoy. 

Pre-writing preparation

 Students are expected to reflect at this juncture on the type of person or place that they intended to write about. Why do you want to write about the person or event? Once you decide on a topic to write about, it is expected that you take time to think about the qualities that you wanted to focus on. You are expected to plot the outline of your essay and come out with a sequence that is in an ordered manner.

The drafting stage

The initial draft of this essay is the next step after you have decided on your topic. There is an outline to be followed; you are to bear in mind that the overall goal is to give your readers a rich experience. You are expected to ‘show’ and not to ‘tell’. You must involve all the senses of reasoning to make the desired impacts. The creativity of the writer to create a mental picture for the readers is greatly relied on here.

Revising your essay

The next step to be taken after drafting your essay is to take a look at it and revise what you have drafted. The work should be re-organized and fine-tuned in this stage to create an impression in the minds of the readers. The reader should be carried along from the start to finish. Every detail must be precise. It will be better if you move from general to specific.

Editing your essay

After getting to this stage, your essay is now ripe for editing. This is important to remove all the trouble spots in your paper. Giving it to family members or friends to take a look is a clever idea. All the areas with grammar mistakes will be fished out and corrected.

Publishing the essay

There is nothing like perfect stuff on earth. When you turn in your essay to your classmates; criticisms over your work will come up. It is left for you to go back to the drawing board and improve on your areas of weaknesses in your next essay.

Final thoughts

The five steps above are all that is required to make the best out of the descriptive essay writing. Practice makes perfect; with time and by following the steps above; you are going to get there.

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