How to Write a Nursing Essay

A nursing essay is very crucial to the reader and also the person writing the paper itself. There are many ways of writing down a nursing essay, but the following are the essential points to consider; breaking down the question, collecting data, finding a writing structure, drafting the article, and finally preparing for submission. Checking plagiarism and referencing is also very important to consider.

Breaking down the question

It is very vital to know what the question is asking you to do before beginning any writing work for nursing. By breaking down the problem, one will know the right approach in seeking the audience’s attention.

Nevertheless, one can also incorporate key terms in his essay writing. For instance, if you need to compare and contrast Boyd and False principles, you need to highlight the differences and seminaries between the two models first. If you need to evaluate the strong points first and foremost, then the weaker ones. While writing your work, also give appropriate examples to make the reader understand your work even more.

Data collection

The field of nursing requires you to demonstrate your understanding of a given subject correctly. To gain this ability, you need to have a good research base to collect data needed with ease. Even though textbooks are available, they do not provide up-to-date information about a subject; thus, the topic researched may not be in the current measure. Journals and articles offer the best information. These can be in online databases and internet sources.

Find writing a structure

A writing essay should incorporate the three main parts; Introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction guides the writer on how he or she plans his work; the main body gives detailed arguments while following a logical approach. Finally, the conclusion section is, to sum up, all the essay findings. Time is a critical essay in writing a nursing essay as research and practice are some of the much-needed tools in noting down an attractive piece.

Drafting the essay

After taking time to prepare the arguments, one needs to confirm if they follow a consistent order or structure.

The best way to do this is by first preparing a draft and then reading over to get a flow of the information required.

It is advisable to go through the essay before pointing it out. All the same, give a friend to check if the arguments follow an appropriate order and make a lot of sense before submitting.

Preparation for submitting the essay

The writer should ensure the essay meets the departmental requirements for the paper. Thus appropriate formatting is needed. For instance, use Times New Roman size 12, 1.5 double spacing, and margins should not be more than 2cm. Nevertheless, check the grammar to ensure your work is professional.

Plagiarism and reference checking

A nursing essay should have the references done correctly. All the sources that have you have used to write down the paper should be cited. Failure in doing so means you have taken other people’s work and done them as your work, which is not appropriate.


A nursing essay is very crucial to the reader and also the person writing the paper itself. Writing down the form is essential to know what the question asks you to do before beginning any writing work for nursing. Data collection is also a needed knowledge in this field, and thus one requires articles and journals to gather the correct data. Through following the above steps, one can quickly write a good nursing essay.

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