How to Write an Essay within an Hour

Essay writing is part and parcel of college life. Before getting enrolled in college, you will need to write an essay explaining how your personality makes you the best fit for the opportunity. The challenge arises when you have few minutes reaming to hit the deadline. What do you can you to redeem yourself from such a big mess?

We can forget our daily schedules and routines. after realizing that you have an hour or more to make your submission, don’t give up. Attempt to beat the deadline than hopelessly watch time elapse.

Here are some of the valuable tips for writing your essay within an hour and make a good submission

Plan Your Self

Analyze the number of essay questions you have and compare them with your remaining time to determine how you plan your work. Counter check the number of words you will need to write for each essay question and subdivide your time for every section. Give more time to essay prompts that need more information or a lot of thinking.

Analyses Your Essay Question

Read carefully through your essay assignment to understand what each section needs. Take some time to find out the specific things you need to have and do for every section and try reframing the question to get a deeper meaning of what you need to do.

Draft Your Essay Outline

An outline will make you generate the structure of your essay very first. Research quickly on the internet and look at different designs that apply to college essays. Go back to the essay question prompt, find out the recommended structure, and note them down to avoid forgetting.

Brainstorm and Search for More Information

Spend some ten minutes looking at the exact personalities you need to include in your essay statement and find out how you can express them most excitingly. Use the online platform to research the best way to frame your personalities in an essay. Be keen not to copy-paste information from the internet to your writing. Remember, the paper should be an organism and bring out your character that the college admission officer needs to learn.

Write The Essay

After gathering enough information and personality, quickly start writing your essay. Ensure your sentences and precise and information-rich. Use formal language when explaining your points and avoid any form of commonly used words. Your paragraphs should have a good flow and be well connected with transitional sentences. Ensure your content is exciting and attractive to the reader. Remember that your essay’s reader has other may work to go through before and after reading your paper. Make your points clear and presentable to retain the attention of the reader. Do not include filler words in your work. Such worlds are likely to affect the rating of your essay negatively. With the limited time at your hand, concentrate on the essential information and ensure it has a good flow. As you write your essay, remember to keep referring to the essay question and instruction to avoid being irrelevant.

Editing and Proofreading Your Essay

Once you have finished your work, take a few minutes to read your work loudly. It will help you identify some common writing mistakes and make corrections. Use a marker pen to highlight any typo errors and any other grammatical errors in your work. If you have any friends around, give them a few minutes to read through your job and help you spot any mistakes in your essay. take the paper and correct all the errors quickly before making a submission


You should submit at the last hour than never. Though it is recommendable to plan yourself in time and avoid last minutes rush, never give up at the last hour of submission.